Monday, August 03, 2015

The Swamp Room in Ginza

   In my life (so far), there has only been one entranceway of one building where - in hot weather - there was a pressure oscillation felt more than heard (indeed, perhaps *only* felt - albeit with the ears), reminiscent of a helicopter's relatively slowly whirling blades.
   The first time I experienced it, I thought "That's odd... I wonder what causes that...", and then I quickly forgot about it (or more accurately, stopped thinking about it) as I got on with my day.  But each time I revisited the building in hot weather, I would again experience the pressure oscillation and so a desire to know the cause grew.
I like to know the *reason* for things (and the source, and/or cause), so the more time passed, the more I wanted to know the cause of that pressure oscillation.  It seemed so strange, and so obvious to me, that I began asking other visitors to the building (that I met while there) if they had also noticed it.  Not a single, solitary soul had, but when I then took people to the most obvious spot (about three or four meters within the entranceway), then some people got a surprised/excited look on their faces and said "Oh yeah!  I see what you mean!", and some said they thought maybe they could barely detect something, but weren't sure, and - at the opposite extreme - some looked at me like I was stark raving mad and said they couldn't detect anything at all.
These reactions poured fuel onto the fires of curiosity and - since many people didn't believe there was anything going on, but I *knew* there was - I ended up with a kind of burning desire to know the reason/cause of that.
Further fuel for the fires of curiosity was provided by a long-term tenant I regularly meet (POBT - Pressure Oscillation Building Tenant) who told me that their company also rented a basement room in the building and that one of their colleagues claimed there was a door in the back of the room that lead to a mysterious passageway with WW-II blackened walls that they thought might be connected with the subway system!  (About the blackened walls - it appears that the building may have been built on top of the lower concrete foundations of a previous burned out building.)
Hearing that, I got excited just thinking about it and told POBT: "Seriously?!  That's a really amazing thing to hear!  I'd love to see that space!"  They laughed (at my mysterious fires of curiosity I suppose) and said it might be possible for me to see it some day.  I responded with a "Please!-Please!-Please!  If there's any way I can see that, I definitely want to!" sort of response and went back to perceiving the pressure oscillation in the summers and forever wondering about it.
Actually, the news of the mysterious passageway made me come to the conclusion that there might really be some kind of connection with the subway, and I imagined the helicopter-like sound/feel was probably generated by the type of large-blade, slowly revolving exhaust fans that are used for forced air ventilation (and/or exhaust) of large structures.  So after several years, I thought about it less, but still stopped in the entranceway to experience it each time I entered that building - and imagined large exhaust fans somewhere underground beating the air.
Fast forward to early 2015.  I walked into a different building and saw my acquaintance from the Pressure Oscillation Building in a different building... and then was shocked to learn that they had moved from the old building to the new location.  People and companies moving isn't a big deal of course, but I had so associated that particular acquaintance with that building, that it seemed like some fundamental part of my universe had changed with them being somewhere else.
Almost immediately, I got all disappointed and told POBT, "That means I'll never get to see that mysterious passageway!  Ahhhh...!!"  They laughed and said they could still show it to me since they hadn't turned in their keys to the building yet, and - since there were still a couple of hold-out tenants using the building via different entrances - demolition work had not yet begun.

POBT: "So I can still show you that space..."
LHS: "Wonderful!  When?"
POBT: "Anytime you like."
LHS: "How about now?"
LHS: "Seriously?"
POBT: "Sure!  It's just down the street and shouldn't take long."
LHS: "Great!  Thank you!-Thank you!-Thank you!!!"

And so we went off to the old building.  I felt a little odd going into the vacated (main) part of the building, but POBT seemed completely at ease - as I suppose they would, having used the space daily for many years.
Reaching the basement room, we were happy to see the electricity hadn't been cut yet, so we still had lights.  My acquaintance crossed the room and opened a door on the far side.  Instantly the room was filled with a motor noise (not with any feeling of pressure oscillation though, but still...).  I squeezed into the narrow passageway and worked my way back as far as I dared in the narrow, dark space, and then reached my camera forward with the flash on to see what was around a corner....
And while there was no evidence of a physical link with the underground train system, there was a large, belt-driven exhaust fan arrangement back there - so maybe (probably) that was the cause of the pressure oscillation I experienced so many times (over several years) on the first floor.  I took a short video of the passageway, that you can see and hear here:

Exhaust Fan Passageway in Old Building

And then, as I was thinking there wasn't much of anything else to see, my acquaintance looked down at a small, square, under-floor access door and said "I wonder what's under here...".  (Before moving, there had always been something over the access door, so they had never noticed it before.)  POBT raised the cover and exclaimed in surprise 「なにこれ!!」 and stepped back.
I looked into the hole and was similarly surprised to see that nearly the entire space under the floor was water!!!  Old buildings in Japan (1930's, etc.) often had wells in the basement, and I'm pretty sure that's what that was - an overflowing one.  I really wish I had had a couple of flashlights to illuminate that space and get a good look, but taking flash pictures I got the general picture.
Looking through the access hole, I was struck with how the water seemed oily and didn't smell very nice (as the well water in the Okuno Building was after construction began next door...).  So - noticing that there were ventilation tubes in the well space that seemed to connect with the exhaust fan, I can only suppose that they converted the well room into a regular room to rent and then had a smell problem (for the entire basement and maybe even the first floor), so they put in that large exhaust fan arrangement to have air constantly drawn into the basement rooms from outside, and vented outside somewhere (presumably on the roof) via that powerful exhaust fan.
As for the blackened wall and broken concrete (one side only) in the narrow passageway, it does kind of look as though a newer building was built upon the foundations of a previous building.  I'd love to know the precise history of the building (and the ones before it built on that space), but these kinds of things are often simply not recorded very well in Japan, so I may never know.  The only reason I was finally able to pin down the exact construction dates of the Okuno Building was because I had a close look at a very corroded, but still legible metal plate in the building that had the information recorded on it.

This is one of the things about living in Tokyo, where buildings (even very large ones) are quite often torn down after only a few decades - it's quite hard to keep track of what was where, when, and how all the pieces (past and present) of the city fit together in a coherent time-line.
In any case, the Ginza Swamp Room still amazes me when I think about it.  Imagine using a room in a fairly large concrete building for a couple of decades, and then suddenly discovering that it was basically a platform over a swamp of dank water from an overflowing well!  It's  not something I would have liked to think about *while* using the space!  I think back to a party I attended in that room now, and don't think I would  have enjoyed the party so much if I had known we were all standing and sitting on a thin metal platform over a dank and oily swamp!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Saturday, July 25, 2015

"1990, 1991, 1993, and 2015 - Various Stuff..."

So many videos have piled up that all I can do is to just put a list of them below and hope the titles I made when I posted them are self-explanatory.  I would like to go through the lot and say something about most of them, but suffering in a sauna-like room (no air-conditioning) with the temperature at 32C (90F) and humidity at 65%, I honestly don't think I would be able to sit here and spend the next seven to ten hours going through everything and writing about it, so I'll just have to leave you with the titles and links.  Hopefully I'll find time someday to get back to these and write about them (when the weather is cooler!).

- Lyle
1990年の江戸川を渡る電車など Rail Bridge Views by Edo River 901006

1990 江戸川からバスで一之江駅まで Night Bus Ride to Ichinoe Station 901006

1990年の手紙お姉さん 江戸川隣 Letter Reader by Edo River 901006

1990 一之江駅-本八幡駅 都営新宿線 Ichinoe to Motoyawata - Toei-Shinjuku Line 901006

1990 本八幡駅辺り散策散歩 Motoyawata Station Area 901006

1993 東京の彼方此方 新宿など Here and There - Shinjuku Etc 930228

1993 東京の彼方此方 池袋 新宿など Here and There - Ikebukuro Etc 930306

1993 東京の彼方此方 中央線など Here and There - Chuo Line Etc 930309

1993 東京の彼方此方 新宿でビデオカメラ買い物など Video Camera Shopping Etc 930321

1993 東京の彼方此方 戸塚 新宿など Here and There - Totsuka Shinjuku Etc 930327

1993年のひばりが丘団地桜と花見 Hibarigaoka Danchi Hanami 930404

1993年の東武東上線 池袋駅-上板橋駅 下り列車 Ikebukuro to Kami-Itabashi 930404

1993年の上板橋駅辺り Kami-Itabashi Station Area 930404

1993年 ときわ台桜まつり Tokiwadai Sakura Festival 930404

1993年の上板橋駅 Kami-Itabashi Station 930404

1993年 常盤台散策散歩 Tokiwadai Walkabout 930404

1993年の夕暮れ上板橋駅前商店街 Twilight Kami-Itabashi Station Area 930404n

1993年 上板橋駅-池袋駅 夜の東武東上線 Kami-Itabashi to Ikebukuro - Tobu-Tojo Line 930404

1993年の池袋駅乗り換え 東武東上線-西武池袋線 Ikebukuro Station Transfer 930404

1993年の東急渋谷駅ホームと周りの様子 Tokyu-Shibuya Station Platform 930417

1993年 東急渋谷駅-自由が丘駅 東横線 Shibuya to Jiyugaoka - Toyoko Line 930417

1993年 自由が丘駅前の土曜日人込み Jiyugaoka Saturday Crowds 930417

1993年 居酒屋内の一見 Izakaya Interior 930417

1993年 友達と梯子飲み Saturday Night Izakaya Visit, Etc 930417

1993年 朝の電車 山手線と西武池袋線など Early Morning Yamanote Line Etc 930418

1993年 下り西武池袋線の窓風景 Outbound Seibu-Ikebukuro Line Window View 930418

Quiet Suburban Scene - Western Tokyo 930418

1993年の東京彼方此方 Here and There in Tokyo 930418

1993年 東京彼方此方_成田空港とか Trip to Narita Airport Etc 930510

1993年 西武池袋線など Seibu-Ikebukuro Line Etc 930511

1993年の池袋と渋谷など Ikebukuro and Shibuya Etc 930513

1993年 池袋と浅草など Ikebukuro and Asakusa Etc. 930515n

1993年の市電と三ノ輪橋と彼方此方 Minowabashi and Streetcar Etc 930516

1993年 朝の下り電車 九秒間 Outbound Train Pantograph Shadow - Nine Seconds 930517n

1993年 松本市までのドライブ 松本城 Drive to Matsumoto Castle Etc 930522

1993年の高山 Takayama in May 1993 930523

Midnight Chuo Line Interior - Quick Look 150225

朝の神田駅 Early Morning Kanda Station 150227

浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 - 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150227

夜中のがらがら東京駅 Empty Midnight Tokyo Station 150228

夕暮れの秋葉原駅前 Akihabara Plaza 150303

西武高田馬場駅のエスカレーター Seibu Takadanobaba Escalator 150307

新宿駅の夕方山手線 Evening Yamanote Line at Shinjuku 150226

Evening Atrium 150226

Shinagawa Station Shopping Area 品川駅内の買い物 150307

夕方新宿駅 中央線など Evening Shinjuku Station Platform Scene 150307

田端駅-西日暮里駅-日暮里駅-鶯谷駅-上野駅-御徒町駅-秋葉原駅 150310

銀座線 末広町駅-神田駅 Suehiro to Kanda - Ginza Line 150310

夜中の山手線 車内 Yamanote Line Late Night Reflections 150225

五反田駅-大崎駅 夕方の山手線 Gotanda to Osaki - Evening Yamanote Line 150226

Old Hallways 150227

渋谷駅-恵比寿駅 山手線 Shibuya to Ebisu - Yamanote Line 150307

品川駅 土曜日のお昼 Saturday Shinagawa Station at Midday 150307

Main Road in Suburbia (A) 150314

Main Road in Suburbia (B) 150314

Main Road in Suburbia (C) 150314

Shotengai (A) 150314

Shotengai (B) 150314

Bicycle Path (Early Spring) 150314

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅辺り散策散歩 Hibarigaoka Station Area 910529

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro - Seibu Line 910529

1991年の山手線回数券を買う 機械から Buying Kaisuken Batch Tickets 910529

1991 池袋駅-東京駅 快速京浜東北線と山手線 Ikebukuro to Tokyo - Yamanote Line Etc 910529

1991 東京駅内と前 丸の内側 Tokyo Station Interior and Marunouchi Side 910529

1991 東京駅-新宿駅 中央線 Tokyo to Shinjuku - Chuo Line 910529

1991 新宿散策散歩 Shinjuku Walkabout C4 910529

1991 新宿駅-池袋駅 埼京線 Shinjuku to Ikebukuro - Saikyo Line 910529

1991年 池袋駅で乗り換え JR線から西武線へ Ikebukuro JR to Seibu Transfer 910529

1991 池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 西武池袋線 Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka - Seibu Line 910529

1991年 午後のひばりが丘 Afternoon Hibarigaoka 910529

1991年 夜のひばりヶ丘駅 Nighttime Hibarigaoka Station 910529

1991年の東京中央郵便局 Tokyo Central Post Office 910529

1991 夜中の新宿など - ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅-新宿駅 Midnight Shinjuku Etc 910529

1991年 朝早くの新宿と池袋とひばりが丘 Early Morning Shinjuku Etc 910530

1991年 ひばりヶ丘駅辺り散策散歩 Hibarigaoka Station Area Walkabout 910530

1991年 雨のひばりが丘散歩 Rainy Day Walkabout in Hibarigaoka 910531

1991年 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro - Seibu Line 910601

山手線 池袋駅ホームの様子 Yamanote Line at Ikebukuro 150317

Deluxe Waste Station - Demo 自動トイレ 150317

有楽町ガードの下 一目 Yurakucho Under Tracks Quick Look 150317

Fire Engines in Ginza 銀座にあった消防車 150317

新宿駅夜の南口見回り Half Blurry Look at Shinjuku South Exit 150317

Departing Shibuya Station on the Yamanote Line - Auto Focus Sucks 150319

Riding Narrow Escalator to Platform at Osaki Station 大崎駅のエスカレーター 150319

Contraption for Steaming Chicken at Restaurant Table 150318

渋谷自転車と飲み街古い居酒屋 Shibuya Bicycle Parking Etc 150319

渋谷 昼の居酒屋街 Walking Through Old Izakaya Area in Daytime Shibuya 150319

Brief Look Inside Late Night Chuo Line Train 150318

Exiting Hachioji Station 八王子駅 改札を出る 150318

Hachioji Backstreet View 八王子の裏道 150318

Buses in Hachioji - Quick View 八王子のバス 150318

国分寺駅 上り中央線 Inbound Chuo Line Arriving at Kokubunji 150318

国分寺駅 下り中央線 Outbound Chuo Line Arriving at Kokubunji 150318

渋谷駅 山手線が出発 Yamanote Line Departing Shibuya Station 150319

Shibuya Walkabout - Under-Bridge to Construction Area Etc 渋谷雨の日 150319

有楽町駅ホームの様子と新幹線とか Yurakucho Station Platform View 150317

夜遅くの新宿駅ホーム Midnight Shinjuku Station Platform Scene 150318

最終山手線 新宿駅 Last Yamanote Line Train - Late Night Shinjuku 150318

工事中の渋谷駅 散策散歩 Shibuya Station Under Construction Walkabout 150319

渋谷駅前東側工事現場 Construction at Shibuya Station East Side 150319g

渋谷駅前ハチ公広場 人人人 Shibuya Hachiko Square Crowds Etc 150319

渋谷 銀座線が上に Shibuya Elevated Section of Ginza Line 150319n

1990 Tsukiji Tuna Auction Etc 朝の築地市場など 901101

1990 銀座 朝早く Ginza Early Morning 901101

1990 有楽町駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 朝 Morning Yurakucho to Hibarigaoka 901101

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅朝七時半の通勤ラッシュ Morning Rush at Hibarigaoka Station 901101

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 西武線と埼京線 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901101

1990 夕暮れの夕方新宿 Twilight Shinjuku 901101

1990 夜の西新宿 新宿駅前とか Nighttime Nishi-Shinjuku 901101

1990年 夜の新宿駅内 Nighttime Shinjuku Station Interior 901101

1990 埼京線 新宿駅-池袋駅 Saikyo Line - Shinjuku to Ikebukuro 901101

1990 埼京線-西武池袋線の池袋駅で乗り換えなど Saikyo to Seibu Transfer 901101

1990年 ひばりが丘-武蔵境駅 西武バス Seibu Bus to Musashisakai 901104

1990年 八王子市散策散歩 浅川など Hachioji Walkabout - Asakawa River Etc 901104

1990年 武蔵境駅-八王子駅 中央線 Musashisakai to Hachioji - Chuo Line 901104

1990年 八王子駅-新宿駅-池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 中央線 Hachioji to Hibarigaoka 901104

1990 The Basement 地下 901106n

1990 夜のひばりヶ丘駅南口 Hibarigaoka Station South Side at Night 901106

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 西武線と埼京線 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901106

1990 夕暮れの新宿駅辺り 東側と西側 Twilight Shinjuku Station Area 901106

1990 夜西新宿の道 Nighttime Nishi-Shinjuku Streets 901106

1990 新宿駅南口辺りの店 Shops Near Shinjuku Station South Side 901106

1990 新宿駅内下の通路 Shinjuku Station Lower Concourse 901106

1990 新宿駅-池袋駅 埼京線 Shinjuku to Ikebukuro - Saikyo Line 901106

1990 池袋駅内 JR線から西武線までの乗り換え JR to Seibu Ikebukuro Transfer 901106

Construction Noises at Shinjuku Station 新宿駅工事の音など 150312

大崎駅で湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速の出発 Osaki Station SSLTKSTK 150312

Art Space Rondo Exhibition アートスペース ロンドの展示会 March 17th 2015 - 150317

Yamanote to Nanboku Transfer at Komagome Station 駒込駅 山手線-南北線の乗り換え 150324

Komagome to Todaimae - Nanboku Line 馬込駅-本馬込駅-東大前駅 南北線 150324

Glass Roof in the Twilight with Amusement Park Sounds in the Background 150324

Baseball Player Cutouts at Tokyo Dome - Evening View 150324

新宿駅-大崎駅 湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速 小田原行き Shinjuku to Osaki SSLTKSTK 150312

東大前駅-後楽園駅 東京メトロ南北線 Todaimae to Korakuen - Nanboku Line 150324

後楽園駅 南北線 Korakuen Station on the Nanboku Line 150324

夕暮れの東京ドームと遊園地 Twilight Tokyo Dome and Amusement Park 150324

Abstract - Old Blue and Green Paint on Concrete Parking Surface 150324

Sotobori-dori 外堀通り 150324

Yotsuya Rampart Sakura Hanami A 四ツ谷桜花見 150331

Crosswalk to Nishi-Shinjuku 西新宿へ 150324

新宿駅の人々 Shinjuku Station Upper Concourse 150324

Room-502 and Room-503 150326

Hallway Flowers 150326

Bicycle Ride Along Tamagawa-josui Canal 150328

武蔵小金井駅-三鷹駅 中央線 Musashi-Koganei to Mitaka - Chuo Line 150331

三鷹駅-新宿駅 中央線桜時期 Mitaka to Shinjuku - Chuo Line Sakura Season 150331

新宿駅-四ッ谷駅 中央線 Shinjuku to Yotsuya - Chuo Line 150331

四ッ谷駅昼ホームの様子 Afternoon Yotsuya Station Platform View 150331

Yotsuya Rampart Sakura Hanami B 四ツ谷桜花見 150331

People Cars Trucks and Sakura 人々と車とトラックと桜 150331

千鳥ヶ淵桜 A Chidorigafuchi Sakura 150331

Cars Buses People and Sakura 車とバスと人と桜 150331

Musashi-Koganei Station - Platform to Lower Concourse Escalator 武蔵小金井駅 150401

新宿駅-東京駅 中央線 Shinjuku to Tokyo - Chuo Line 150326

銀座奧野ビル501号室 Okuno Building Room-501 150326

品川駅-大崎駅 山手線 Shinagawa to Osaki - Yamanote Line 150326

桜と青空 Cherry Blossoms Against Blue Sky 150331

三鷹駅 桜ホームの様子 Sakura Mitaka Platform 150331

四ッ谷駅-飯田橋駅 中央線 Yotsuya to Iidabashi - Chuo Line 150331

飯田橋駅 電車を出発と西口の方へ歩き出す Train Departing Iidabashi Station 150331

Twilight Kyobashi Sakura 夕暮れ京橋桜 150331

東京駅-御茶ノ水駅 中央線 Tokyo to Ochanomizu - Chuo Line 150331

三鷹駅-新宿駅 中央線快速 Mitaka-Shinjuku - Chuo Line 150326

Ginza Okuno Building 銀座奧野ビル External 150326

夜中最終中央線 武蔵小金井駅で 130AM Chuo Line - Midnight Musashikoganei Station 150401

Walking Towards Suidobashi Station 水道橋駅まで歩く 夕暮れの東京 150324

夕暮れの水道橋駅辺り Twilight Suidobashi Station Area 150324

水道橋駅 総武線を出発 Evening Suidobashi Station - Departing Sobu Line 150324

総武線 水道橋駅で到着と出発 Suidobashi Sobu Line - Arrival and Departure 150324

夜新宿駅南口辺り Nighttime Shinjuku Station Area Near South Exit 150324

有楽町駅 山手線が遣って来る Yamanote Line - Yurakucho Station 150326

有楽町駅-品川駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150326

Yotsuya Rampart Sakura Hanami C 四ツ谷桜花見 150331g

Blue Light Platform 150331

飯田橋駅の西口辺り 桜の時期 Iidabashi Station West Exit Area Sakura 150331

千鳥ヶ淵桜 B Chidorigafuchi Sakura 150331

千鳥ヶ淵桜 C Chidorigafuchi Sakura 150331

東西線の九段下駅 Tozai Line Kudanshita Station 150331

九段下駅-竹橋駅 東西線 Kudanshita to Takebashi - Tozai Line 150331

Otsuka - Passing Train on Windy Day 150404

Waiting for Suburban Train 150404

大塚駅-御徒町駅 山手線 Otsuka to Okachimachi - Yamanote Line 150404

御徒町駅 ホームから改札口と出口まで Okachimachi Station 150404

Waving Flags and Passing Motorcycle 150404

Conan Classroom Display in Akihabara Station 150404

秋葉原駅 有楽町駅 山手線 Akihabara to Yurakucho - Yamanote Line 150404

Ginza No Fire Breathing Machinery Day 150404

Room 306 (150404)

Voices (150404)

Iron (150404)

Echoes - Footsteps - Shadows // Listen with Headphones

Exhaust Fan Passageway in Old Building

Shinjuku - Waiting for Late Night Train 150407

有楽町居酒屋散歩 Yurakucho Izakaya Area 150404

Tokyo Evening Platform Scene 150409

有楽町駅の電車 Trains coming and going at Yurakucho Station 150409

新橋駅-東京駅 東海道線 夕暮れ Shinbashi to Tokyo - Tokaido Line - Twilight 150407

新橋駅夜ホームの様子 Shinbashi Station - Evening Platform Scene 150417

銀座四丁目夜 Nighttime Ginza 4-Chome 150404

Construction Site in Yurakucho 有楽町工事現場 150404

夜の有楽町駅ホームの様子 Yurakucho Station at Night 150404

有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 150404


Nighttime Marunouchi

1990 夜の総武快速線 東京駅まで Nighttime Sobu-Kaisoku 901110

1990 東京駅 土曜日の夜 Tokyo Station on Saturday Night 901110

1990 東京駅-新宿駅-渋谷駅 土曜日の夜 Tokyo to Shinjuku to Shibuya 901110

1990 渋谷 土曜日の夜 Shibuya on Saturday Night 901110

1990 渋谷駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 土曜日の夜中 Shibuya to Hibarigaoka - Midnight 901110

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-原宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Harajuku 901112

1990 夜の原宿散策散歩 Nighttime Harajuku 901112

1990 原宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Harajuku to Hibarigaoka 901112

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 夕方 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901113

1990 西新宿 夕方散策散歩 Nishi-Shinjuku Evening Walkabout 901113

1990 新宿駅南口辺り 夜の風景 Shinjuku South Exit Train Watching Etc 901113

1990 新宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 901113

Tobu-Tojo Line Train Arriving - Subway Type 150421

Ceiling Air Vent Boxes on Train Roof 150423

Yamanote Line Train Arriving at Station 150423

Diagonal Water Fountain 150430

Early Morning Before the Lights Went On 150430

Morning Flowers and Bird Sounds 150430

Tokaido Line Arriving at Shinagawa 東海道線 品川駅 150430

Mysterious Stage-like Platform in Old Building 150502

新橋駅-東京駅 東海道線 Shinbashi to Tokyo - Tokaido Line 150508

Shadows at Art Space Rondo 銀座奧野ビル 501号室 150508

大崎駅-田町駅 山手線 Osaki to Tamachi - Yamanote Line 150423

Echoes of 1932 and 1934 - Ginza Okuno Building - April 2015 150423

神田駅-秋葉原駅 山手線 Kanda to Akihabara - Yamanote Line 150424

有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 150428

秋葉原駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Akihabara to Hamamatsucho - Yamanote Line 150501

田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150501

Time Slip Residential Area 150508

品川駅-新橋駅 東海道線 Shinagawa to Shinbashi - Tokaido Line 150508

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901115

1990 夜の西新宿 ドラマロケなど Nighttime Nishi-Shinjuku Walkabout 901115

1990 新宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 901115

1990 土曜日朝早く ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku Early Morning 901117

1990 新宿駅 貨物列車 Freight Train at Shinjuku Station 901117

1990 新宿駅 特急の出発 Shinjuku - Express Train Departure 901117

1990 新宿駅 土曜日の朝早く Early Morning Shinjuku Station 901117

1990 新宿駅-四ッ谷駅 中央線各駅 Shinjuku to Yotsuya - Chuo Line 901117

1991 Planning Next Days Trip 910405

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅-上野駅-浅草駅 土曜日の朝早く Hibarigaoka to Asakusa 910406

1991 浅草散策散歩 Asakusa Walkabout 910406

1991年の古い銀座線 浅草駅-上野駅 Asakusa to Ueno 910406

1991 上野花見騒ぎなど Ueno Sakura Hanami 910406

1991 上野駅-浅草駅 古い銀座線 Ueno to Asakusa 910406

1991 浅草の夕方雨花見 Afternoon Hanami and Rain 910406n

品川駅-新橋駅-東京駅 東海道線 Shinagawa to Tokyo - Tokaido Line 150522

Art Space Rondo Exhibition アートスペース ロンドの展示会 June 6th 2015 - 150606

東京駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Tokyo to Hamamatsucho - Yamanote Line 150605

Akihabara Back Streets 秋葉原裏道 150606

秋葉原駅の夕方ホーム Akihabara Station Evening Platform View 150512

渋谷東口の工事現場 Shibuya East Side Construction Zone 150514

下北沢工事現場 元小田急線の線路 Construction at Shimokitazawa 150514

下北沢散策散歩 Shimokitazawa Walkabout 150514

小田急線の地下の下北沢駅 Underground Shimokitazawa Station 150514

小田急線のロマンスカー 新宿駅から出発 Odakyu Romance Car Departing Shinjuku 150514

大崎駅 ホームの様子と山手線がやってくる Osaki Station Platform View 150522

暮れの新宿思い出横丁 Twilight Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho 150514

夜の西武新宿線 窓と光と反射 Nighttime Seibu-Shinjuku Line 150514g

品川駅ホームの大崎駅向き眺め Shinagawa Station End-of-Platform View 150522

大崎駅-品川駅 山手線の右側 Osaki to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150522

15車両の東海道線が品川駅到着 Tokaido Line Arriving at Shinagawa Station (15 Cars) 150522

中央線 御茶ノ水駅に到着 Chuo Line - Arriving at Ochanomizu 150605

田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150605

神田駅 ホームの様子 Kanda Station Platform View 150605

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1990 Shibamata, Etc.; 1991 Seibu-Ikebukuro Line, Etc.; 2015 Ginza, Etc.

Big batch of 1990, 1991, and 2015 views.  Rather than put off posting this blog entry with links any longer, I'm going to go ahead and just post the links without writing much.  Hopefully I'll find time to add more text to this later.  I'm tossing in some photos, but be forewarned that while some of them are specific to the video link they are next to, others are random (although from the same time frame) and not directly related to the video links they are near.
田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150108

Down Escalators - Walking Back to Ground Floor 下りエスカレーター 150109

西武新宿線窓ビュー Outbound Seibu-Shinjuku Line - Window View 150110

所沢駅-東村山駅 西武新宿線 Tokorozawa to Higashi-Murayama - Seibu-Shinjuku Line 150110
御茶ノ水駅-神田駅 中央線 Ochanomizu to Kanda - Chuo Line 150108

朝の神田駅 ホームの様子 Early Morning Kanda Station 150108

丸の内 夜電車と一月の光 Marunouchi - Trains Passing in the Night 150109

Yamanote Line Departing Takadanobaba 高田馬場駅から出発の山手線 150110g

高田馬場駅-目白駅-池袋駅 山手線 Takadanobaba to Mejiro to Ikebukuro - Yamanote Line 150106

池袋駅-大塚駅-巣鴨駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Otsuka to Sugamo - Yamanote Line 150106
Shinkansen Passing Yurakucho 有楽町の夜 150109

Basement Corridors 地下の通路 150109
キッテ丸の内 Kitte Marunouchi Interior Quick-360 150109

キッテ丸の内の一見回り Kitte Marunouchi Interior 150109

丸の内冬の夜光 Marunouchi Lights on a Cold January Night 150109
1990 豊島園遊園地の一日 A Day at Toshimaen Amusement Park - (900925)

1990年 豊島園駅-練馬駅-池袋駅-新宿駅 Toshimaen to Shinjuku 900925

1990 新宿-東から西へ Shinjuku Walkabout - East to West 900925
1990 西新宿夜散策散歩 Nishi-Shinjuku Walkabout 900925

1990 新宿駅-池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka 900925

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro 900926
1990 池袋雨散策散歩 Ikebukuro Rain Walkabout 900926

1990 池袋駅-巣鴨駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Sugamo - Yamanote Line 900926

1990 巣鴨から赤羽までの雨散歩 Sugamo to Akabane Rain Walk 900926

1990 赤羽駅-武蔵浦和駅 埼京線 Akabane to Musashi-Urawa - Saikyo Line 900926
1991年の平和島アンティーク骨董市 1991 Heiwajima Antique Fair 910302

1991 流通センター駅-浜松町駅 東京モノレール Ryutsu Center to Hamamatsucho - Tokyo Monorail 910302

Tatami Room in Concrete Building-A Early Stage of Demolition 150112
Tatami Room in Concrete Building-B Early Stage of Demolition 150112

魚たち展 by 円風太 Madoka Futa - Art Space Rondo アートスペース ロンド 150113
新宿駅から出発 中央線 Departing Shinjuku Station via Chuo Line 150113

神田駅 朝早く Early Morning Kanda Station 150115

Commode Control Panel 150120

湯島から外神田へ入る所 Entering Soto-Kanda from Yushima 150120

新宿駅-大崎駅 湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速 Shinjuku to Osaki SSLTCTK 150122

新橋駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Hamamatsucho - Yamanote Line 150115
田町駅-品川駅 山手線 工事現場 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150115

Tokyo Kotsu-Kaikan Light-up 東京運送会館イルミネーション 有楽町 150116

新宿駅隣の工事音 Shinjuku Station Construction Noises 150122

日本橋夜の反射と光 Night Reflections and Sound in Nihonbashi 150116g

上野アメ横 御囲地町駅隣 Ueno Ameyoko - Near Okachimachi Station 150120g

文京区湯島の道 Walking Through Yushima in Bunkyo-ku 150120

新宿駅で待っている間の埼京線ホームの様子 Shinjuku - Waiting for Train 150122

新橋駅-東京駅 京浜東北線 Shinbashi to Tokyo - Keihin-Tohoku Line 150123
1991 土曜日の新宿 Saturday Shinjuku Walkabout 910302

1991 Manual to Automatic Ticket Gate Transition Period 910302

1991 土曜日の池袋散策散歩 Saturday Ikebukuro Walkabout 910302

1991 池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 西武池袋線 Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka 910302

1991 ひばりが丘-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro - Seibu Line 910303
1991 池袋散策散歩 Ikebukuro Walkabout 910303
1991 池袋駅-椎名町駅 Ikebukuro to Shiinamachi 910303
1991 椎名町駅辺りの散策散歩 Shiinamachi Walkabout 910303

1991 椎名町駅-東長崎駅 Shiinamachi to Higashi-Nagasaki 910303
1991 東長崎駅辺りの散策散歩 Higashi-Nagasaki Station Area Walkabout, 910303

1991 東長崎駅-江古田駅 Higashi-Nagasaki to Ekoda 910303

1991 江古田駅辺りの散策散歩 Ekoda Station Area 910303
池袋駅-駒込駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Komagome - Yamanote Line 150127g

駒込駅前のピンク郵便ポストとホームの青い光 Entering Komagome Station 150127

新宿駅前 南口辺り Looking Around by South Exit of Shinjuku Station 150127

Platform on a Bridge - Road Noise from Below and Etc 神田駅のホームの様子 150129
新橋駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Hamamatsucho - Yamanote Line 150129

浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150129

Maruyama Norio 丸山則夫 写真展 Photo Exhibition - Art Space Rondo アートスペース ロンド 150130

Quick Look at Food in Shinjuku Izakaya as a Customer 150127
1991 江古田駅-桜台駅 西武池袋線 Ekoda to Sakuradai - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line 910303

1991 桜台駅と桜台駅辺り 西武池袋線 Sakuradai Station - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line 910303

1991 桜台駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 西武池袋線 Sakuradai to Hibarigaoka - Seibu Line 910303
1991 ひばりヶ丘駅辺り 散策散歩 Hibarigaoka Station Area Walkabout 910303

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro - Seibu Line 910303

1991 夜の日曜日池袋の散策散歩 Nighttime Ikebukuro Walkabout 910303
1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 西武池袋線と埼京線 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 910305

1991 西新宿散策散歩 Nishi-Shinjuku Walkabout 910305

1991 夜西新宿から新宿駅までの散策散歩 Night Walk to Shinjuku Station 910305

1991 新宿駅-中野駅 中央線 Shinjuku to Nakano - Chuo Line 910305
1991 夜の中野 散策散歩 Nighttime Nakano Walkabout 910305

1991 夜中の野方駅-上石神井駅 西武新宿線の終電下り列車 Midnight Nogata to Kamishakuji 910305

1991 西側の東京夜中散策散歩 Midnight Tokyo Suburb Walkabout 910305

1991 池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 西武池袋線 Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka - Seibu Line 910303
高田馬場駅の山手線が高速で到着 Takadanobaba Station - Yamanote Line 150203

高田馬場駅-大塚駅 山手線 Takadanobaba to Otsuka - Yamanote Line 150203

大塚駅-巣鴨駅-駒込駅 山手線 Otsuka to Sugamo to Komagome - Yamanote Line 150203

夕暮れ秋葉原裏道の一回り Quick Lookaround on Akihabara Back Street 150203

戸越銀座駅-五反田駅 東急池上線 Toshiginza to Gotanda - Tokyu-Ikegami Line 150206

高田馬場駅-鷺ノ宮駅 西武新宿線 Takadanobaba to Saginomiya - Seibu-Shinjuku Line 150207
Nakagawa Luna 中川るな展示会 Installation at Gallery Kobo 巷房 150203

田町駅-品川駅 山手線 工事現場 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150205

戸越公園 水と空と光と反射 Togoshi Park - Water, Sky, Light and Reflections 150206

戸越公園鴨たちの声 Duck Sounds at Togoshi Park 150206

東急池上線五反田駅ホームの様子 Tokyu-Ikegami Line - Gotanda Station 150206

五反田駅-大崎駅 山手線 Gotanda to Osaki - Yamanote Line 150206

夕暮れの有楽町駅ホーム Twilight Yurakucho Station Platform 150206g
夕暮れの有楽町 Twilight in Yurakucho 150206

高田馬場駅-池袋駅 山手線 Takadanobaba to Ikebukuro - Yamanote Line 150207

Old Section of Platform with White Line (Pre-Yellow Line) 150207

山手線 Boarding Yamanote Line Train 150207

大塚駅-池袋駅 山手線 Otsuka to Ikebukuro - Yamanote Line 150207

池袋駅-高田馬場駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Takadanobaba - Yamanote Line 150207

東京駅100周年の茶色山手線が出発 Tokyo Station 100-Year Anniversary Yamanote Train 150207
高田馬場駅の南口 Takadanobaba Station South Exit 150207
1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 910307

1991 西新宿散策散歩 Nishi-Shinjuku Walkabout 910307

1991 新宿駅-池袋駅 埼京線 Shinjuku to Ikebukuro - Saikyo Line 910307
1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-東村山駅 西武線 Hibarigaoka to Higashi-Murayama - Seibu Line 910315

1991 東村山駅辺りの散策散歩 Higashi-Murayama Daytime Walkabout 910315

1991 東村山駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 西武線 Higashi-Murayama to Hibarigaoka 910315
1990 両国駅辺り 夜様子 Ryogoku Station Area at Night 900928

1990 両国駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Ryogoku to Hibarigaoka 900928

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro 901006
1990 池袋駅東口辺り Ikebukuro Station East Side 901006

1990 池袋駅-日暮里駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Nippori - Yamanote Line 901006

1990 暮里駅辺り Nippori Station Area 901006
1990 日暮里駅-高砂駅-柴又駅 Nippori to Shibamata 京成線 901006
1990 柴又と江戸川散策散歩 Shibamata and Edogawa River Area Walkabout 901006
八王子駅から下り列車 Old Outbound Chuo Line Train 150209

馬込駅 山手線 Departing Magome Station - Yamanote Line 150210

御徒町駅辺り Roads Cars Trucks - Main Streets Side Streets Etc 150210

秋葉原近くの車など Cars and Trucks Near Akihabara 150210

夜昭和通り車など Nighttime Showa-Dori Cars Trucks Etc 150213

神田駅 山手線 Yamanote Line Train Arriving at Kanda Station 150219

新橋駅-浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150219
オールドバカラと春への憧れ展 - サロンドゥラー銀座 150220

浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 150212

Night Trees in Nihonbashi 日本橋の夜木 150213
中央通り-日本橋駅-三越前駅 銀座線 Street to Ginza Line - Nihonbashi 150213

三越前駅ホームの様子 Platform Scene at Mitsukoshimae Station 150213

新宿駅 夜ホームの様子 Nighttime Shinjuku - Waiting for Train 150218

新宿駅夜のアナウンスなど Nighttime Shinjuku Station 150218
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon